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Procrastinators Love Comfort Zones


Most people who consciously want to avoid anything will usually form some sort of comfort zone surrounding the excuse used in order to solidify their position.

This is often will thought up and difficult to rationalize in a normal way. However, understanding the connections between the security the comfort zone provides and the actual procrastination action will allow people to better manage the situation for the better.

The following are some possible reasons as to why procrastinators seek solace in the comfort zone and what they are:

Have A Look

One of the more popular places to seek solace and hide in the guise of the procrastination act, is to lapse into the “I don’t know” mode of thought and action frame of mind. By giving this type of answer for anything, it almost always deters any follow up actions or comments from others may expect of the individual, thus effectively keeping the individual from having to deal with the situation or find a solution.

Another popular procrastination ideal comfort zone lies in the expression of not being able to cope adequately with a particular situation or need, thus choosing to shy away from participating altogether.

This form of procrastination, almost always disallows the individual from actually making any attempt of trying the task, as perceived failure, is already dominant and crippling to the mind. Therefore, the comfort is sought in this negative mindset as a buffer against any possible hurt which is perceived to be imminent.

Another popular excuse used as a comfort zone for the procrastinator is in the lack of supporting tools for the job. A lot of people use this as a great excuse for not wanting to do anything they don’t want to. Most times, the argument about the lack of supporting elements are so well presented, that it is eventually accepted by others as valid.