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Setting Goals And Celebrate Little Successes


Setting goals is a good way to make the individual aware of the things that require the individual’s attention, and it also acts as a motivating factor for the daily accomplishments that needs to be completed.

If there are no goals set, the daily life of the individual would unfold in an aimless manner, where the individual will probably just drift around in an abyss, without any particular direction in life.

Equally important, would be the action of acknowledging the successful completion of these goals with a little celebration. The human psyche is such, that all individuals enjoy some form of acknowledgement through the celebration of their achievements. Therefore, incorporating the two important elements would help the individual to be motivated and not become a procrastinator.

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Success is largely connected to the state of mind, and if this mindset state acknowledges success with celebrations, the mind set is kept in a happy and fulfilled mode more often.

This positive mindset will help the individual strive to achieve more, not just for the reward of the celebration that acknowledges the achievement, but also for the eventual self satisfaction the successful completion of task it brings.

These small celebrations will help to foster the exhilaration brought on by the completion of tasks, which is also a good motivating tool as it encourages the individual to venture further. Once the individual is able to beat the procrastination bug, very little can get in the way of heightened achievements possibilities.