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The Common Fear Of A Procrastinator


Although most procrastinators are capable of using any and every reason to avoid doing or completing something, there are sometimes powerful underlying influences that cause an individual to procrastinate. Exploring these contributing factors may allow an individual to eventually break this negative cycle effectively.

The following are some of the common fear factors that often cause an individual to procrastinate:

The Fear

Fear of failure – sometimes even the hint of possible failure can effectively keep the individual from even wanting to make attempt at a particular task. This failure is perceived by them to be crippling both mentally and physically as they seem to be very afraid to having to face such a possibility. This could be due to many connecting factors one of which could be the need to be and look accomplished and a success always.

Fear of the possibility of experiencing unpleasant or painful outcomes – this too can keep an individual from trying new things or even getting anything done at all. This could stem from a bad experience which an individual has yet to come to terms with, therefore conveniently using this particular excuse as a good way to inject procrastination into the equation.

Although this can sometimes be an actual, very real and previously experienced challenge.   Using this as an excuse will not help the individual in future endeavors, neither will it help to build good character elements.

Fear of missing out – for the person who wants to do everything, experience everything and be everything, burn out can fast turn the individual into a person who eventually resorts to procrastination as a defense mechanism. This usually happens for those who have the “go getter and have it all” mindset, which usually only works to a certain limit when exhaustion and burnout set in.