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Use Your Body Against Procrastination


It is popularly thought that the mind is the dominant factor in allowing the procrastinating attitude to prevail in one’s life. However, there is also the contribution of the body to this equation, as it responds to what the mind dictates. However even though the mind is still the dominant factor, the body can still be motivated enough, to overcome the thought process effectively and keep procrastination at bay. 

The following are some ways the body can help to against the habit forming procrastinating mindset:

How To Get Ahead 

Finding the best time to work on a particular task will help the body be more willing and energized to see the task to completion. If there are no distractions and the body is fresh and rested, the chances are better for the successful completion of the tasks given. 

Given the uniqueness of every individual’s work habits and the way the body responds, it would be a worthwhile effort to stop and consider the circumstances in which the body is most likely to respond positively to the promptings of working on something to completion. 

Although multi tasking is something that most people are capable of doing very effectively, procrastinators are more likely to abandon a task at the first sign of distractions. 

Therefore, when it comes to the multi tasking issue, it would be better for the body to focus on getting things done in stages and with concentrated efforts.

Overestimating a particular task would also not work well, when it come to getting the cooperation of the body. Tiredness both mentally and physically are very likely to dominate, thus giving the individual an ideal excuse to abandon the task. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to ensure the body is capable of handling the task.