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Why People Procrastinate


The following are some of the more popular reasons why most people have lapsed into the procrastination habit:

The Basics

• The famous “I don’t know” excuse –  is one of the most popular excuses given when an individual is not really interested in getting a particular task done. By feigning  lack of knowledge the individual is probably able to keep from having to complete a certain task and with the added hopeful outcome of not being asked to do it in the future.

• Not challenging enough – this is another poor excuse often given by those who are looking for a way out of getting something done. This excuse is usually portrayed and explained in an extensive manner, where the simplicity of the task is taken to be necessary and beneath the individual attention.

• Not feeling like it – this is actually plain and simple laziness, but it will not be acknowledged as such by the individual. Falling back on this excuse, the individual will try all means to avoid doing the particular task assigned, but basically the underlying goal to be achieved, would be to simply not do what is expected.

• Cannot be forced – eventually when all else fails, the individual usually resorts to this argument, whereby some level of hostility is injected into the situation, in which the rebellious display expects to garner the result of not having to get the task done. If used often enough this aggressive behavior, can have even more damaging results, as the individual learns to rely on this negative element to get out of doing things.